About Homeopathy

“ADVENT OF HOMOEOPATHY AND DR. HAHNEMANN.” Man’s effort to alleviate suffering dates back to the very beginning THE RIG VEDA which is one of the oldest repositories of human knowledge record action of plant on human body. The book of wisdom (Vedas) state “VISH VISHASYA OWSHADAM” which means cure for poison is poison. Hippocrates, one of the great thinker of the early days advocated natural law for cure but he did not elaborate it. Gallen the originator of allopathic system of medicine advocated “CONTRARIA CONTRARIS” i.e., cure by contradictory elements, agencies or force. In other words, it meant heat to be cured by cold, a proposition which was later found incompatible with life and living systems.

Around 1790 DR. Samuel Hahnemann a medical practitioner with deep interest in chemistry and languages, while translating a book “Cullen’s Materia Medica” came across a contradictory statement on cinchona ( a plant drug from which quinine is obtained and it is used for malaria). Cinchona was then used for malaria The statement somewhat reflected that extra dose or unwanted use of the drug may cause pseudo-malarial symptoms. Living system have a basic mechanism with a fair degree of uniformity from person to person and they should respond in similarity to similar impulses. Dr. Hahnemann felt that if this be true for cinchona, it should also be true for other drugs. With this started a series of experiments and revival of old vedic theology “VISH VISHASYA OWSHADHAM”. The findings of his experiments were quickly published by Dr. Hahnemann.

These helped him to announce a modern theory on treatment based on similia similious curanture.It with elaboration, means a SUBSTANCE which is capable of causing disease, dearrangement in physiology in a healthy system is also capable of bringing cure of similar dearrangement in diseased conditions. Raw onions are known to bring watering and burning of eye and nose. If a patient suffering with cold with similar symptoms reports to a homoeopath, he possibly will first think of Allium Cepa (Latin name for onions) as a drug for him. It may be surprising to know that a small dose of drug from onions cures such cold much better than many other drugs. It is something like a finger burnt being slightly warmed to avoid blisters and burning or indigestion and associated acidity being cured by a glass of lemon water (which is itself acidic) or infective diseases being cured and prevented by antitoxins and antigens delivered from causative organisms.

The word Homoeopathy comes from the great word Homoeopatheia which is combination of words homeious-like and pathos-feeling (similarity of feelings).

Homoeopathic medicines – includes any drug which is recorded in homoeopathic proving or therapeutic efficacy of which has been established through long clinical experience as recorded is prepared according to technique of homoeopathic pharmacy and covers combination of ingredients of such homoeopathic medicines but does not include a medicine which is administered by parenteral route.

Bio- Chemic medicines - The founder of Bio-Chemic therapeutics Dr. W.H Schussler, a German physician, based his theory on the cell activity. He enunciated that the salts form an essential part of every cell, even when present in extremely small quantities. Any change in their proper promotion will disturb normal cell-function and causes disease. His thesis was that the inorganic substances found in the blood and tissues are sufficient to cure all diseases that can be cured.

These salts are called Bio-chemic Remedies. They are chemically pure salts, homogenous to the cell minerals in the human body. It was felt that by aid of these salts, disturbed molecular motion in the cell can be rectified and these salts compensate the losses incurred during a disease. These salts are potentised in a fine form useful for absorption of the cells in same form in which nature uses them.

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