Climax sprays

Product Code: 10029
Manufacturer : MidasCare Pharma
Contry Of Origin : India
Dosage From : Sprays
Indication : Topical anesthesia of the mucous membranes
Packaging : 200 Sprays (12gm in Bottle)
Active Ingredient : Lidocaine
US Brand Name: Lidocaine

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Climax sprays
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Climax spray

Climax spray is an aerosol medication that prevents premature ejaculation and extends length of sexual intercouse activity. It works by numbing the nerves and blocking the signals that release ejaculation. This product is manufactured by MidasCare Pharma.

You can buy climax delay spray online or in retail pharmacies for treating your condition.

How does Climax spray work?

Climax spray works through inhibiting the stimuli threshold that causes ejaculation. Lidocaine is an anesthetic compound that numbs an affected area by blocking nerves. This property of lidocaine is utilized, through its use in the climax spray as the active ingredient. In this way, the spray’s application prolongs the ejaculation time as it takes longer to reach climax.

Side effects

Climax spray prompts a few side effects with its application. These side effects are hardly felt by everyone and may be of concern only in a few cases. If you feel unusual discomfort and rare symptoms, it is suitable to talk to a doctor.

It is best to check with a doctor or medical professional when you buy climax delay spray.

The common side effects that are reported are:

  • Drowsiness
  •  Twitching
  • Confusion
  •  blurred vision
  •  Tremors
  •  Numbness
  •  Tingling
  •  Vomiting
  •  irregular heartbeat
  •  blood pressure changes

How to use the spray?

Before you start, wash your hands and then again after use. First, shake the spray finely for 10-15 seconds. Squeeze the release nozzle and apply four sprays all over the penis and especially the head. Gently tap and spread the thin layer with your fingers evenly to avoid concentration. Wash your gential area to get rid of the remaining left overs of sprary.

It is still advised to use the spray only after a medical consultation and get proper instructions.

If you choose to buy climax delay spray online, make sure the product is original and the retailer is a trusted distributor.

Warning before use:

Before you buy climax delay spray online, it is recommended to get a medical consultation before going ahead to review any associated health risks of using climax spray.

The following are common contradictions prone to cause issues.

  • If you are allergic to Lidocaine or any other ingredients avoid using this product. As it may cause adverse allergic reactions.
  • If you have had any form of mild to severe liver or kidney impairment in the past. Exercise caution with the use of the spray.
  • If you have heart conditions such as abnormal heart rhythms, check with a doctor to prevent any unwanted changes to heart.
  • If you have breathing difficulties, the product may elevate the risks. Use with caution and proper medical advice from a doctor.


  • Climax spray should be only used by men above 18 years of age.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth while applying the spray. If you have made contact, rinse your eyes and mouth quickly.
  • Use the spray with moderation as overuse at once might cause excessive numbing of gential area.
  • Avoid using the spray, if your sex partner is pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Avoid using the spray around rashes, cuts, or torn skin to prevent toxic contact.
  • The spray is for external use only.

General FAQ

Q. How soon does the spray show effects?

A. It can show effects usually around 5-10 minutes after application.

Q. How long do the effects last?

A. The duration of spray effects change on an individual basis.

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