Refunds and Returns

eViagra guarantees to deliver your order within 30 business days of shipping or is damaged during shipment. In these cases, eViagra ceases the right to replace your order. In case, we are unable to reship we will issue a full refund. In case, the order was shipped in multiple packages, and for some unforeseen reason you only receive a part of the order, then eViagra will issue a credit on the full amount. Later, the amount will be refunded and the credit card will be charged for only a portion of the order that was received.

Please be patient, it takes about 30 business days after shipping, for the order to reach you. If in case. After 30 days you don’t have your package delivered to you. Or, In case you have been informed that the order you place is held up due to some reason, Or you have been informed that the order made its way back to eViagra, please raise a ticket from the Support Page of the website. You might want to also request refund by getting in touch with our Customer Service Department and we will promptly take care of your request.

If you are not satisfied by the quality of the order, get in touch with us, within 45 days of receipt. As a part of 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, eViagra assures you that you will be issued free replacement. For any further queries, be sure to connect with us through our support or drop us a mail. 

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