Product Code: 10541
Manufacturer : Serum Institute India
Contry Of Origin : India
Dosage From : Tablet/s
Indication : Increased prolactin levels, Female infertility, Type 2 diabetes
Packaging : 10 tablets in 1 strip
Active Ingredient : Bromocriptine
US Brand Name: Bromocriptine

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Sicriptin 1.25mg

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Sicriptin 2.5mg

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Sicriptin 1.25mg is a product of Serum Institute of India Ltd. The active ingredient is Bromocriptine. It is a dopamine agonist and prolactin inhibitor. Dopamine agonists are the drugs that mimic the action of dopamine when the level is low. 

When is the Sicriptin 1.25mg tablet used?

Sicriptin 1.25mg tablet is prescribed for the following conditions:

  1. Hyperprolactinemia: Sicriptin 1.25mg tablet is used to treat painful breast swellings after giving birth .

  2. Acromegaly: Sicriptin 1.25mg tablet is given there is excess of growth hormone released in the body

  3. Female Infertility: Sicriptin 1.25mg tablet is given when the female is unable to conceive for more than a year.

  4. Parkinson’s disease : Sicriptin 1.25mg tablet is used to control symptoms of low dopamine.

Major Side effects of Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet

The side effects that can appear after taking the Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet should be consulted with the doctor. 

  1. Nausea and vomiting 

  2. Dizziness

  3. Constipation

  4. Dry Mouth

  5. Loss of appetite

  6. Fatigue

  7. Stomach Pain

  8. Confusion

  9. Uncontrolled body movements 

What is the recommended dosage of Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet ?

Normal Dosage: Take the dose prescribed by your doctor with your meal.

Missed Dose: Don't take the double dose. Take the next dose as per the next schedule.

Overdose: Immediately contact emergency medical services if you overdose. Do not stop taking the medicine without consultation.

How does the Sicriptin 1.25mg tablet work?

Sicriptin 1.25mg tablet works by activating D2 dopamine receptors that have a dopaminergic effect. The active constituent Bromocriptine is an ergot derivative. It selectively binds to D2 receptors in the CNS and produces lactation inhibition effects. Post- synaptic activation of D2 relieves Parkinson's symptoms.

Common Substitutes of Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet

The common substitutes of Sicriptin 2.5mg tablets are :

  1. Criptal 1.25Mg Tablet

  2. Bromogen 1.25Mg Tablet

  3. Sicreptin 1.25Mg Tablet

  4. Bromorex 1.25Mg Tablet

  5. Brom 1.25Mg Tablet

Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet interaction with other drugs

You should buy sicriptin 2.5 mg tablet online only if you have a proper prescription from a qualified doctor. There is a chance of drug interaction if more than one medication is taken at a time. 







Sicriptin 2.5 mg tablet is not recommended to be taken with alprazolam. It can cause serious drug interaction in the body that can worsen the infection. Please consult your doctor for dose adjustment or substitute. 



Sicriptin 2.5 mg should not be taken with diltizaem.You should consult with your doctor for a suitable treatment alternative.

Azole antifungal agents


The effectiveness of Sicriptin 2.5 mg is reduced when there is interaction with antifungal agents.You can ask for a substitute or adjust the dose as per requirement after consulting your doctor. 



Drug interaction is important to consider during  treatment with a Sicriptin 2.5 mg patient along with nitroglycerine. It can have allergic issues.

Buy  Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet online from a reputed drugstore

Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet can be bought online from Eviagra drugstore. We are the best at what we do. You can place your order with us and get timely-delivery of your medicine at your doorsteps. 

Frequently Asked Question 

  1. Is it an addictive medicine?

             No, it is not an addictive medicine.

  1. Can this medicine be taken during pregnancy? 

             It is not recommended during pregnancy as it can cause adverse effects.

  1. Can this medicine be taken during breast- feeding?

           It is not advised to take during breast-feeding as it is lactation inhibitory.

  1. Is it safe to buy Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet online?

           Yes, it is safe to buy Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet online if it has been advised by the doctor. 

  1. Does Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet reduce breast pain?

             Yes. It relieves the swelling caused in the breast.

  1. Is it okay to take Sicriptin 2.5mg tablet after consuming alcohol?

            No. It can cause excessive drowsiness and low mental alertness.

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