Product Code: 10560
Manufacturer : Sun Pharma
Contry Of Origin : India
Dosage From : Tablet
Indication : Migraine
Packaging : 1 Tablet in 1 strip
Active Ingredient : Sumatriptan
US Brand Name: Lmitrex

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Pack Size Per Unit Pack Price Your Savings Qty Buy Now

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Pack Size Per Unit Pack Price Your Savings Qty Buy Now

60 Tablet/s $0.90
120 Tablet/s $0.86
180 Tablet/s $0.82
240 Tablet/s $0.77

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Suminat Tablets are used to relieve symptoms of migraine headaches. It inhibits the substances that cause headaches and sensitivity to sound and light. It does not help in the prevention and reduction of frequent attacks of headaches. You can easily buy Suminat 25mg tablets online or from a local pharmacy. This medicine has various doses.

About Medicine:

  • This tablet is manufactured and sold by a company named Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

  • The main constituent of this medicine is Sumatriptan.

  • The concentration of this chemical constituent depends on medicine's dose. If you buy Suminat 100mg tablets online, each tablet will contain 100mg of Sumatriptan.

  • It should be stored at a standard room temperature ranging from 10 to 30°C.

  • Each strip of this medicine contains one tablet.

What is the standard dosage that should be maintained?

Before you buy Suminat 25mg tablets online, the duration and dosage structure will be illustrated to you by your doctor. This solely depends on your clinical condition and need. It is generally advised to take it at the same time each day as this helps to maintain a consistent level of medicine in the body.

  • Normal Dose: You should stick to the dosing method that is instructed by your general physician. Do not take more or less than what is prescribed to you. If needed your doctor will increase the dose and ask you to buy Suminat 100mg tablets online or from a pharmacy in your locality. The tablets should be taken orally and swallowed as a whole with a glass of water. You should not crush or chew the tablet while consuming it. It should be taken without food, preferably in the evening or at bedtime.

  • Overdose: If forgetfully you take more than usual, you may face problems and adverse side effects. Hence, you must rush to seek medical help whenever any such situation arises.

  • Missed dose: If you drop a dose of the medicine in between, it is preferred that you take it the moment you remember. But, if the time is close to your next dosage then skip the missed one. Do not take a double dose to make up the forgotten one as it is proven to be harmful. You can easily buy Suminat 25mg tablets online.

What is the sole purpose of using this medicine?

As you buy Suminat 100mg tablets online or offline, you should know that it is a synthetic medication belonging to the triptan class of drugs. It is used for treating cluster headaches and migraines. It works by narrowing the blood vessels in the brain which relieves headaches. This medicine helps by narrowing the blood vessels, thereby relieving migraine headaches. The working procedure of this medication is thus mentioned below:

  • Migraine: Migraine is a benign and recurring syndrome of headache associated with other symptoms of neurologic dysfunction which includes sensitivity to light, sound, or movement. This medication belongs to the class of serotonin agonists. It works by acting on the serotonin receptors which are present in the blood vessels, causing constriction of blood vessels. It acts as an inhibitor of the actions of the trigeminal nerve, thereby reducing the symptoms of migraine.

What are the side effects associated with this medicine?

Before you start taking the medicine, go through the side effects of this medicine by browsing it when you buy Suminat25mg tablets online. The side effects are mild in general. But, if any of them is bothering you for a long time, it better to consult your doctor immediately. The side effects are:

  • Neck Pain

  • Dizziness

  • Sensation Of Heaviness

  • Sleepiness

  • Weakness

  • Nausea

  • Dry Mouth

  • Jaw Pain

  • Paresthesia

  • Throat Pain

  • Warm Sensation

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the chemical class of this medicine?

Ans: This medicine falls under the category of Tryptamine derivatives.

2) Is this medicine habit-forming?

Ans: No, this medicine is not at all habit-forming and can be discontinued when directed by the doctor.

3) Does this medicine cause sleepiness?

Ans: As you buy Suminat 100mg tablets online or locally, you should know that it causes sleepiness to some extent.

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