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Birth control pills are a way for women to prevent pregnancy.

When is it used?

Women take these pills orally to prevent pregnancy. It is up to 99.9% effective.

What are the major Side Effects?

  • Nausea
  • Sore or swollen breasts
  • Small amounts of blood, or spotting, between periods
  • Lighter periods
  • Mood changes
  • Headache (mild)

What is the usual dosage?

Consume this medication orally as directed by your doctor, usually once daily. Consume your pill at the same time each day.

Remember to continue taking this medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

Missed DoseIf you buy birth control pills online and miss a dose,Refer to the product package information for advice on missed doses. You may have touse back-up birth control to prevent pregnancy.

OverdoseSeek emergency medical attention.

How Does it Work?

Hormonal contraceptives have a small amount of man-made estrogen and progestin hormones that work to inhibit the body's natural cyclical hormones and hence prevent pregnancy. Pregnancy is prevented by a combination of factors. The hormonal contraceptive prevents the body from ovulating. It also changes the cervical mucus which in turn to makes it difficult for the sperm to go through the cervix  to find an egg. They can also prevent pregnancy by changing the lining of the womb so the fertilized egg isn’t implanted.


You can find the best birth control pills online; note the following interactions before consumption:

  • Some products that may interact with this drug include: ospemifene, tamoxifen, aromatase inhibitors,tranexamic acid,tizanidine and certain combination products used to treat chronic hepatitis C.
  • Some drugs can cause reduce hormonal birth control by decreasing the amount of birth control hormones in your body. This effect can result in pregnancy.

Warnings and Precautions  

You must know the following before you buy birth control pills online:

  • Before using this medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to any estrogens or any progestins or if you have any other allergies.
  • This medication may affect your blood sugarIf you are a diabetic.
  • Notify your doctor if you will be having surgery or if you’ve just had one, or if you will be confined to a bed or chair for a long time (such as a long plane flight).
  • Before having surgery, inform your doctor of all the products you use (including prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, and herbal products), also mention if you plan to buy birth control pills online and consume them.
  • This medication may cause blotchy, dark areas on your face and skin (melasma).
  • If you are near-sighted or wear contact lenses, you may develop vision problems or trouble wearing your contact lenses. Contact your eye doctor if these problems occur.
  • It may take longer for you to become pregnant after you stop taking birth control pills. Consult your doctor.
  • If you are pregnant, refrain from using this medication.
  • This medication may decrease breast milk production.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the effectiveness of birth control pills be decreased by antibiotics?

No, this is usually not the case, except in the case of one antibiotic -rifampin (Rimactane).

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