Product Code: 10491
Manufacturer : Zydus Cadila
Contry Of Origin : India
Dosage From : Capsule
Indication : Antibiotics
Packaging : 10 Capsule in Pack
Active Ingredient : Ampicillin
US Brand Name: Totacillin, Penbritin, Omnipen, Amcill, Principen and Polycillin

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Buy Zycillin capsule online


The doctor prescribes to buy Zycillin 500 mg capsule online is an antibiotic (type of Penicillin) that is used for the treatment of bacterial infections. This medicine is useful to cure infection of throat, nasal, ear, pneumonia, urinary tract, and fever (Thyroid).

Zycillin capsule Usage

Zycillin 250 mg capsule is consumed by the patients to treat the following infections effectively-

Urinary Tract Infection – This medicine is effective to treat urinary tract infections which are caused because of Enterococci, E.coli and Klebsiella pneumonia etc.

Shigellosis- It is also used for the treatment of an infectious disease which is caused by Shigella and is known as Shigellosis. 

Typhoid Fever- You can even purchase Zycillin 500 mg capsule online that can effectively fight against Salmonella typhi and can be helpful in treating typhoid fever.

Intra abdominal infection- This medicine is also useful in treating infections such as gastroenteritis.

Pneumonia- It can be useful in treatment of common lung infection that is caused due to bacteria like Haemophilus Influenzae, Streptococcus pneumonia etc.

Warnings before you take Zycillin capsule

  • Mononucleosis- Incase the patient is suffering from Mononucleosis, then be careful before you buy Zycillin 500 mg capsule online as the consumption of this medicine is likely to cause bumps and rashes on the skin.

  • Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea- This medicine should be not used as soon as the patient gets severe diarrhea due to its consumption. Usage of Zycillin 250 mg capsule can possibly cause an imbalance in the large intestine’s microbial flora and thus helping in the growth of Clostridium difficile bacteria which could result in severe diarrhea.

  • Kidney Disease- It is highly advisable that the patient should use this medicine with utmost care if they have any kidney disease as when you buy Zycillin 500 mg capsule online for treatment purpose it can increase the risk of getting severe and adverse effects.

  • Mononucleosis- The usage of Zycillin medicine can possibly cause skin rashes and bumps if the patient is having Mononucleosis. So, it is advisable that you switch to some alternate medicine rather than consuming this one.

Side effects of taking Zycillin capsule

  • Side effects can possibly occur on consumption of Zycillin 250 mg capsule or other recommended doses of this medicine but as and when the body starts adjusting to this medicine they fade away.

  • Common Side effects- Chills, cough, hives, nausea, skin itching and rashes, sore throat, cough, swelling in between kidney tubules.

  • Severe side effects- Wheezing, breathing problems, fever, liver inflammation, vomiting, diarrhea.

  • Allergies and reactions- skin infection, life threatening reaction like Stevens - Johnson syndrome, purple spots, hives, itching and rashes on skin etc.

Substitutes of Zycillin capsule

There are many medicine that can be used in place of buying Zycillin 500 mg capsule online for consumption. As the usage of this medicine in some specific cases can prove to be harmful for the patients.

Zycillin 500 mg capsule                                                                                           Zycillin 250 mg capsule

Ampisyn 500 MG Capsule                                                                                       Bacipen 250 MG Capsule

Aristocillin 500 MG Capsule                                                                                    Broadicilin 250 MG Capsule           

Mahacillin 500 MG Capsule                                                                                     Lupillin 250 MG Capsule  

Roscillin 500 MG Capsule                                                                                       Mahacillin 250 MG Capsule     

Versatillin 500 MG Capsule                                                                                     Versatillin 250 MG Capsule               

Frequently asked questions about Zycillin capsule

Can I consume Zycillin 250 mg capsule in pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

No, it is not recommended to use this medicine in both the conditions and one should consult their doctor and move to another safer alternative if it is necessary.

Is alcohol consumption safe while on medication period with this medicine?

No, you should not purchase Zycillin 500 mg capsule online without consulting your doctor as the interaction of this medicine along with alcoholic beverage is unknown.

Does this medicine cause some kind of habit or addiction?

No, habit or addictive tendencies have been reported from the consumption of this medicine up till now.

Buy Zycillin capsule Online with Eviagra

If this medicine has been advised and prescribed by the doctor then you can either buy it from any good pharmacy store in your neighborhood or can even purchase Zycillin 250 mg capsule or any other medicine from Eviagra online medical store at a very reasonable price.

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